Focused only on alternative asset classes

PEI is the specialist information group that focuses only on alternative asset classes. These have become essential components of many investors’ allocation strategies globally and we major in private equity, real estate, private debt and infrastructure whilst also engaging with emerging new asset classes too.

As investors have sought both superior yield and prudent diversification, so alternative assets have grown in importance for all types of investor everywhere.

These asset classes are themselves driven by fundamental macro-economic factors: as companies use equity capital to grow and develop, as real estate assets continue to house economic activity, as the provision of debt capital grows beyond the old orthodoxies of the banking industry and as countries seek to improve the infrastructure that makes their economies - and societies - run.

PEI has deep connections with the sources of investment capital – including public sector and company pension plans, insurance groups, endowments and family offices - as well as with the fund managers who raise and deploy the funds these investors allocate to. We also have an extensive, global network of relationships with finance and service providers – such as commercial and investment banks, law firms, investment advisors, accountants and consultants - who support these two groups. And thanks to our regional office hubs we can connect with all these communities in every corner of the world all of the time.

  • Private Equity

    Private Equity

    Private equity has evolved into a multi-faceted industry that today sees trillions of dollars of capital invested by institutional investors in thousands of fund management groups who invest in small, medium and large companies in every sector all over the world.

    Primarily focusing on growth capital and buyout activity, PEI engages with the global private equity industry via our two publications, Private Equity International and pfm, as well as with a series of highly regarded conferences and an extensive range of book titles.

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  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    The real estate finance and investment industries are immense and real estate remains an allocation mainstay for many investors. Today, all types of real estate investment and financing in every type of market requires the input of a wide range of specialists, all of whom are relevant to PEI’s real estate focused products and services.

    PEI covers private real estate investment and the funding of real estate in the capital markets via our PERE and Real Estate Capital brands respectively. We cover the practice of running a private real estate fund management firm via our pfm title. We also connect with the global real estate community with a sizeable portfolio of conferences and a diverse range of book titles.

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  • Private Debt

    Private Debt

    The global financial crisis helped confirm that the provision of debt capital to the communities PEI already services [including private equity, real estate and infrastructure] has changed, with new participants playing a vital part in today’s capital structures.

    Not only does this help determine how and when funds and investors can transact, it also provides a means for institutional capital to invest directly in alternative debt instruments. We call this new asset class private debt and we engage with this community through our Private Debt Investor title. We also cover the practice of running a private debt fund management firm via our pfm title. We host a growing number of private debt conferences as well as a group of specialist book titles.

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  • Infrastructure


    Infrastructure has grown into a distinct asset class in its own right as national and state governments all over the world have recognised the critical role private capital has to play in developing their infrastructure. At the same time investors have moved to engage with an asset class that offers a number of compelling risk and return characteristics.

    Covering all three main categories of infrastructure (transport, utility and social), PEI engages with this diverse community through our Infrastructure Investor title. We also cover the practice of running a private infrastructure fund management firm via our pfm title. We also host a group of high profile conferences and a suite of book titles focused on infrastructure investment.

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  • Specialist Alternatives

    Specialist Alternatives

    As alternative asset investing has grown in significance and scale, so a number of segments within it have gained greater definition, becoming distinct areas of investment activity in their own right. Institutional capital has also begun to play a far more prominent role in other, once niche, areas of investing as traditional sources of finance have diminished and as value creation becomes a driving principle for investors looking for yield that is both superior and non-correlated.

    PEI has developed a number of digital publications focused on these specialist areas of alternatives investing. First we identify these nascent communities, then provide them with daily news coverage via dedicated websites, and also help them connect via informal and formal meetings.

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