PEI aims to be an active and responsible corporate citizen so we are always mindful of what Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] actually means for us in practice.

For a start it encourages us to be constantly looking at ways to minimize the environmental impact of what we do [all our magazines are printed on paper from responsible sources, for instance]. It also reminds us to make sure that the way we run the business follows principles that are fair for all [so, for instance, we were early adopters of a proper Company Handbook for all of our employees everywhere that covers everything from flexible working and paternity leave to data protection and whistle-blowing].

The company is also an enthusiastic supporter of the many employees across all of our offices who raise funds for a wide range of charities. Besides contributing to such fund-raising efforts, PEI also likes to launch one major charitable project each year where not only a significant number of PEI people are involved, and where PEI provides the cornerstone donation, but where we invite others who know us from across all of the industries we cover to participate too.

As a result PEI, its people and our communities have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds over the past few years for a wide range of charities including:

  • Cancer Research
  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • RDA at Chesham (Riding for the Disabled)
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • Comic Relief
  • London Royal Parks Foundation
  • Shelter
  • Mighty Mutts
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Art Connects New York
  • Combat Stress
  • Royal British Legion Poppy appeal
  • MIND
  • The Macular Society