To be the world’s leading
alternative asset information group

PEI is the only financial information group focused exclusively on alternative asset finance and investment. We specialize in covering the private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure industries globally and are increasingly active in other, emerging alternative investment fields and practices too.

As all of these asset classes continue to grow in scale and significance - for investors, fund managers, financial practitioners and other service industries - so PEI is positioned to provide unparalleled business knowledge and intelligence to these communities everywhere.

PEI specializes in connecting practitioners active in these asset classes with value-added market information and analysis via our print and digital publications and with each other via marquee industry events. We help to define and convene these industries.

Our revenues continue to grow via a wide range of products and services for institutional customers who are diversified by both profession and geography. The world’s largest investors in, and fund managers of, alternative assets are amongst our many thousands of clients and we have customers based in nearly 100 different countries.

By remaining focused on these specific type of asset classes and ensuring that we continue to deliver premium products and services to the institutional groups who engage with them - investors and fund managers in particular - our objective remains to be the world’s leading alternative asset information group.

A portfolio diversified by
industry, product and geography

The increasing appetite for value-added, authoritative information and analysis on alternative asset classes that continue to grow in size, diversity and importance globally means that our subscription products will always sit at the heart of all that we do. We now have a portfolio of premium publishing brands around which we cluster a suite of products and services.

Our flourishing publishing division leverages the strengths of both print and digital media to provide our customers with breaking news, in-depth features and granular research and analytics in a variety of formats and at various price points. The penetration these publications have amongst senior professionals in the industries they cover also make them compelling vehicles for advertisers and sponsors using targeted campaigns, often via a blend of the media channels we own.

The other key set of products and services that are aligned with our publications is provided by our sizeable event division. This thriving business delivers an event portfolio that enables us to connect with both existing and new customers all over the world and we continue to extend our reach into familiar and new markets by hosting an increasing number of events for each of our asset class communities. Every event we run is associated with one or several of our publication brands.

The provision of advanced, technical know-how to practitioners hungry to keep pace with the fast-evolving industries they work in also presents considerable opportunity for our other publishing businesses.

In order to provide specialist coverage of emerging areas of investment, whether significant niches in our existing four alternative asset classes or other, neighbouring alternative asset classes, our Specialist Networks unit uses online publishing channels alongside formal and informal meetings to help define, coalesce and connect the professional groups engaging with these distinct markets and activities.

Likewise, our Books unit publishes ultra-detailed and in-depth guides to particular markets and practices, distributing these both as print publications and eBooks. By gathering expertise from across the spectrum of activities involved within our asset classes, these books serve as invaluable professional development resources, helping the reader advance both their theoretical and practical knowledge.

Since we started our aim has been to deliver timely and relevant products and services to alternative asset professionals wherever they are based in the world. Our full-service regional offices in Hong Kong, London and New York mean that our connections with local markets are both broad and deep. The rapid growth in, and geographic diversity of, our customers was acknowledged in 2009 when PEI was awarded the Queen’s Award for Export in the International Trade category.