Infrastructure Investor covers the flow of private capital into infrastructure projects around the world.

This is a rapidly growing area because the funding and operation of infrastructure assets no longer rests with governments alone, but has expanded to encompass a wide range of private sector participants. Infrastructure has emerged as a sought-after asset class in which professional investors such as pension plans, insurance companies and sovereign funds can generate the returns they require to cover their liabilities

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Our monthly magazine is published ten times a year along with a series of in-depth supplements, and examines the trends and themes that are defining the industry as a market, as an asset class and as a form of capital that matters globally.

Analysis & Data

A suite of online databases to monitor and analyse capital flows.

PEI’s Research and Analytics team is made up of researchers and analysts in London, New York and Hong Kong, working on a 24/5 cycle to perform bespoke research requests. We track the investment appetite and contact details of LPs and GPs within our fundraising data platform, to help bring together fund investors and managers with matching interests.


With dedicated conference teams working in our London, New York and Hong Kong offices, Infrastructure Investor specialises in hosting premier infrastructure investing events all over the world.