Environmental, Social & Governance Policy


ESG matters enormously. We are committed to identifying and managing the environmental, social and governance issues that affect our business activities and those that relate to our use of suppliers and the services we provide our customers.

PEI’s approach to ESG reduces risks to staff, customers and visitors. It also promotes the company as offering an attractive workplace, and supports our brand and reputation. Each year, the ESG Committee backed by the Board puts in place an ESG Action Plan, which defines the specific goals and targets we pursue to further enable ESG principles and best practice to shape the way we operate.

Here, we set out the underlying principles and commitments that drive our dedicated approach to ESG management across both our office-based activities and the events we host.


PEI Media will, to the best of its ability:

Seek to adopt, and encourage its suppliers to do the same, the highest ethical standards, and to consider environmental sustainability and social responsibility in all operations.

Drive compliance with the relevant laws and regulations and promote best practice in the countries in which PEI Media operates, including its use of third-party conference venues, considering environmental protection, public health and safety, human rights, anti-bribery and corruption and labour and anti-slavery practices.

Include the management of ESG issues into our business activities, taking into account the policies of key suppliers and their commitment to the environment in choosing to work with them.

Continuously monitor and review the ESG issues we face as a business and record our progress quarterly. On an annual basis, an ESG review will be conducted and reported to the Board, with the aim to improve across all of our operations within and outside of the business.

In addition to the compliance with regulatory standards, PEI Media commits to promoting all improvements to the day to day running of the business, in all parts of trading, specifically the below, where we can make a difference from a granular level upwards:


  • A reduction in all aspects of our energy consumption and/or the related greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.
  • A reduction in the use of raw materials such as water, paper and ink.
  • Seek to encourage waste re-use and recycling in our operations and by suppliers and seek to reduce the volume of wastes being sent to landfill.
  • Seek to eliminate single use plastics from our operations, including at our conferences.
  • Seek to make all our events paperless and have appropriate have recycling points all over the venues we use so any items can be collected for recycling.


  • A firm-wide policy on staff and their well-being and health and safety, to include all visitors, customers and any contractors working onsite or at our events.
  • We aim for all staff to enjoy an equal opportunity workplace where all staff talent is given the chance to grow in the company as we invest in their professional development so they know they are valued and will be retained to build the company further.
  • Involve our staff in company decisions on social policies.


  • Ensure PEI Media has sound governance from the board level downwards with clearly defined roles and procedures within company management structures.
  • All Employees are expected to comply with the company employee handbook.
  • We constantly seek to ensure data security across the business.
  • To include adopting practices and procedures that protect against fraud, bribery and corruption at all levels and will include anti-slavery protection.

Our main areas of focus:

  • Understanding the carbon footprint of our events and opportunities to reduce or offset these where practical to do so.
  • A reduction in emissions for all transport, be it for materials we use or through transport of staff to venues for conferences or other offices and therefore working against pollution on land or in the air.
  • Engaging with venues/suppliers on the topic of sustainability with the view to reducing the use of plastics and other materials at our events, and ensuring that risks associated with modern slavery in the supply chain are identified and managed.
  • Moving to more environmentally friendly magazine wraps.
  • Promoting Health & Safety in all areas of business, especially across our Events.
  • Developing a process to monitor staff diversity and raise awareness on diversity & inclusion within the company.
  • Consolidate Anti-Bribery and Corruption training for all staff.

Policy review and updates

PEI Media is aware that the management of ESG issues is an ongoing process, which will include the constant monitoring of all activities across the company and is therefore committed to the consistent reviewing of activities and efforts in order to ensure a sustained improvement in ESG performance.

This Policy, and the works supporting its implementation, will be reviewed by PEI Media’s Board on an annual basis, and any reviews before that time if required by compliance or law.