World leading information

Our strategy

PEI is a unique financial information group focused exclusively on alternative asset finance and investment.

We specialize in covering the private equity, venture capital, private debt, real estate, infrastructure, agriculture and financial compliance industries globally and are increasingly active in other, emerging alternative investment fields and practices.

By remaining focused on these specific type of asset classes and ensuring that we continue to deliver premium products and services to the institutional groups who engage with them - investors and fund managers in particular - our objective remains to be the world’s leading alternative asset information group.


As the alternative asset classes continue to grow in scale and significance - for investors, fund managers, financial practitioners and other service industries - PEI is positioned to provide unparalleled business knowledge and intelligence to these communities everywhere - and to enable them to connect and transact face to face.


PEI specializes in connecting practitioners active in the alternative asset classes with value-added market information and analysis via our print and digital publications and connecting them with each other via marquee industry events. We help to define and convene these industries.


Our revenues continue to grow via a wide range of products and services for institutional customers who are diversified by both profession and geography. The world’s largest investors in, and fund managers of, alternative assets are amongst our many thousands of clients and we have customers in nearly 100 different countries.